Use Moulded GRP Profiles And Gratings In Place Of Conventional Steel Gratings

Fiberglass mesh moulded gratings or GRP moulded gratings are best alternatives to conventional steel or galvanized gratings available in the market. These gratings are extremely beneficial in the industries where staff members need to deal with wet, oily, greasy or frosty surfaces. The anti-slip and anti corrosive nature of GRP gratings is influencing the product demand across the world.

The manufacturers of GRP and FRP moulded gratings carry out the production process using royal resin. These moulded fiberglass gratings do not rust or required re-painting and can resist chemicals.

The construction

  • Smooth surface built with resin
  • Taper bars influence self-cleaning
  • Concave cross-section offers anti slip surface
  • Combination of quality polyester resin and glass fibers
  • Easy load distribution due to bearing bars

The maintenance cost is 'zero' which makes GRP moulded gratings ideal for use. Though in the market, clients can easily avail these GRP profiles in concave surfaces, conductive gritted surfaces, embedded grit surfaces, and smooth surfaces.

Concave surface GRP gratings are generally finished for moulded grating panels. The concave layout is designed during the curing process in which the top surface of grating contracts back to give concave effect to the grating. User can enjoy anti-slip surface and use it in the applications where they don't require gritted finish.

Conductive gratings are finished panels that possess high conductivity. Finishing is done by carbon grit by the manufacturers. These GRP moulded gratings help in discharging any static electricity.

Embedded grit gratings have anti-slip finish surface and can be used in slippery areas to avoid any incidents.
Smooth surface gratings have top surface that is resealed with pigmented or colored polyester resin. These GRP moulded gratings are used for decorative purposes or for protecting machine applications.

All of these moulded gratings and panels are light in weight and durable in nature. These can be cleaned easily and dry quickly. The anti rusting, easy to maintain, and lightweight feature makes them perfect alternatives to conventional steel gratings.

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